I am a sign language interpreter and suffer from repetitive motion injuries to both of my arms. My doctor recommended surgery but I was reluctant to do this. About this time, my brother introduced me to MOXXOR and I decided to give it a try. After a few weeks, I noticed that my pain level was decreasing and I could work all week without crippling pain and cramps in my arms. I also have noticed that my mood is greatly improved, I have more energy and I sleep better at night.

My son, Jacob, has ADHD and mild Austism. He has been on a diet restricting his food intolerance's and supplements of amino acids to help with his brain function for over a year, which helped him but didn't seem to be enough. After a couple of weeks on MOXXOR, I noticed that he seemed calmer and more cooperative. His teacher and friends in our congregation also noticed the difference in him and made positive comments to us regarding this. We are so happy to have found a missing piece to the puzzle of his recovery.

... Teresa F - Olathe, KS

Back Pain

Because I had grown accustomed to having a few aches and pains in my body, I didn't realize how much better I could feel until now... after taking MOXXOR! Before MOXXOR, my symptoms were joint discomfort, back aches, allergies, low energy, sleeplessness. Now, my body recovers more quickly after a strenuous workout, my immune system is stronger, my energy level is more vibrant, my mental clarity is more acute, my skin and hair are healthier, and I'm sleeping through the night. What a wonderful gift to give myself!! I'm truly enjoying vibrant health because of MOXXOR!

... Barbara S - Laguna Hills, California

MOXXOR has changed my life. I have had lower back problems, no more. I have had a sharp pain in my triceps and elbow joints, no more. I have a very low energy level, especially getting up in the mornings, no more. My cholesterol level was at a 261 and is now a 172. I absolutely feel 100% better each day that I continue on this journey. Everyone needs to take this product, it will change their lives. I work in the restaurant business, and people that I deal with everyday having been telling me, "You so happy all the time." I totally support anyone involved with this product and congratulate them on joining the road to wellness. The only area I have been struggling in is getting my down-line developed, which will come with time and devotion to the GREATEST PRODUCT on the PLANET.

... Luke E - Maplewood, Minnesota

For many years I have had what I assumed must have been normal morning aches and pains in my back, legs, joints and feet. In the first week using MOXXOR the pain completely disappeared! I take a couple extra MOXXOR after a hard workout and it eliminates muscle soreness. Not long ago, after injuring myself lifting excessive weight, I was really in pain. I took MOXXOR that afternoon, the next morning and afternoon. By the following morning, the intense pain from the injury -- that would have kept me out of the gym for days -- was completely gone... Even my trainer was amazed! And best of all, within days of using MOXXOR, I was waking easier and needing less sleep, so I get lots more done in my day!

... Don H - Laguna Hills, California

I have been suffering with lower back pain for about 20 years. Growing up on a farm and working daylight-to-dark had taken its toll on my body. After years of physical therapy, 9 chiropractors, acupuncture, and working out each day, I practically gave up on feeling better. My golf game suffered and it got to a point where I didn't want to play my favorite pastime due to the pain the following day. I travel for work, and the airplane, especially long trips, played havoc with my energy and sometimes my work load.

After taking MOXXOR now for about 4 months, it is difficult to describe what has happened. I take 2 in the morning and 2 before bed. For the past few weeks I have played golf without pain. The next morning I wake up and really want to play again. As far as the plane is concerned, I feel a miracle has happened. I just returned from a 5 hour flight from Hawaii and my back felt great on the way home from the airport. The next day I returned to work like normal. I feel like a miracle has happened. I am not one to get caught up in the hype or emotion of a product, but this stuff works.

I told my doctor in San Clemente about MOXXOR and he told me that this product is here to stay. One, because of the Anti-oxidant, and two, because of the Omega-3. I gave him a bottle and only hope that he will recommend it to someone like me, who is seeking a good day on the golf course.

... Phil L - Newport Beach, CA


It has been one month today since I started on MOXXOR. The first thing I noticed was the change in my bowels, I have suffered with chronic diarrhea for almost 2 years. Within a week of taking MOXXOR I started having normal elimination just once a day. WOW, I didn't associate it with the MOXXOR at first but when I was trying to look back in my daily journal to see if I was eating differently or something, I realized the only thing I had done differently was to take MOXXOR! In the 3 weeks that followed, more amazing things started to happen. In addition to having way more energy, I was waking up completely pain-free. Usually the inflammation in my elbows, hands and tailbone hurts when I get up in the morning. That pain is gone! I also was in the habit, for a very long time, of taking Tylenol PM every night before bed because I ached from the day's activities. I have now stopped that daily medication and go to sleep easily and have a better quality of sleep. Because of this new-found energy and no pain, I am able to do yard work and chores around the house with ease, so my quality of life is so much better, thanks! I am totally sold on the benefits of MOXXOR and am telling all my friends, particularly those in my age group of 60+++, about MOXXOR.

... Jeanne M - Fullerton, California


I have been taking MOXXOR for about 2½ months now and prior to starting my Cholesterol levels were: TC-229, Trig.-384, HDL-27, LDL-125. Now they are: TC-159, Trig.-140, HDL-27, LDL-115. I did not change any eating habits and I do not exercise. I have only added 2 Moxxor daily. Thank you so much for introducing this incredible product to me. My doctor is very interested in MOXXOR now.

... Ray M - Irvine, California

I have been taking MOXXOR since December 1, 2008 and I have noticed a number of positive changes in my life since I've added MOXXOR into my daily supplement regime. My energy level has significantly improved throughout the day and the quality of my sleep has also improved dramatically; however, the most significant change that I have noticed relates to my cholesterol.

For the past eight years I have been fighting a battle to reduce my cholesterol, which has ranged from 221 to 254. During this time I have made a significant effort to reduce these levels through diet and exercise including training 6 days per week and running half marathons, unfortunately to no avail. In early 2008 my cholesterol numbers were as follows:

* Overall Cholesterol 221 * Triglycerides 66 * HDL 76 * LDL 132 * VLDL 13.2

After six weeks of taking MOXXOR I was retested, and my current cholesterol numbers are as follows:

* Overall Cholesterol 186 * Triglycerides 49 * HDL 68 * LDL 108 * VLDL 10

In closing, after so many years of battling my cholesterol, I am an absolute believer in the benefits of MOXXOR!

... Susan B - Trabuco Canyon, CA

Dry Eye

I have been a doctor for over 30 years, having been educated in both China and the United States. I was the first young doctor sent by the Chinese government to conduct liver cancer research at the University of Southern California.

Personally, I have experienced challenges with dry eye for 10 years. None of the allopathic medicines I've tried have proven effective…then I came upon MOXXOR two weeks ago.

After taking MOXXOR for 2 weeks, my dry eye symptoms are completely gone! Thank you MOXXOR.

... Dr. Yuan F - San Clemente, CA


Moxxor has helped me immensely with my fibromyalgia pain. Once I started taking Moxxor my legs no long ached all the time. I can also tell a big difference in my energy level & mood. I would recommend this natural product to anyone who has pain!

... Rebecca R, St.Simons Island, Georgia

My name is Sonia Morales, for years I have been suffering from pain all over my body. After months of treatment, Ct scans and all kinds of tests, I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2008. I have been taking many pain medications for my pains and aches, nothing had worked.

I was unable to walk even small distances without feeling tired and in pain, when I was going to the mall with my daughters, I had to look for a seat inmediately since I could not be standing for long periods of time.

In March 2010 I started taking Moxxor and I saw results within days. I have no more pain in my legs and back and I am able to sleep without feeling in pain.

I started walking again to the point that now I walk 2 miles, and I can go to the mall and do not have to sit around. My most recent achievement has been able to ride my bike for 5 milles!

Thank you Moxxor! Now I can be myself again.

... Sonia M - Orlando, Florida

Pulmonary Fibrosis

I am a Physician Assistant and have worked in Nephrology, or kidney subspecialty, for the past 8 years, whereby I manage the care of 200 patients at 8 dialysis centers. I have also worked in Internal Medicine/Primary Care, and Urgent care/Emergency Room in the past. Prior to being a PA, I was employed as a Physical Therapist, having worked in out patient orthopedics to include back/spine rehab, musculoskeletal injuries, burn ICU/wound care, Cardiac Rehab, in-patient orthopedics, neurological patients (strokes, etc), and general medical/surgical patients.

I discovered Moxxor at a Primary Medicine Conference in May 2010. After my first dose I noticed increased mental clarity and alertness within an hour. The second night after taking the Moxxor, I woke up, nearly "drowning" in phlegm. A lot of it was coming out of me all night, as if it was "detoxifying" my body and removing a lot of bad stuff from my lungs. I woke up the next morning feeling very clear in my sinuses and lungs. This was huge for me because I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis 8 years ago. This condition causes a scarring of lungs which is irreversible. In fact, 2/3 of people with PF die in 6 years. So I have beaten the odds……I should have been dead by now.

I see my Pulmonologist every 6 months and have pulmonary function tests (PFT's) that tests my lung function. Over the years, my tests have been gradually getting worse. My last PFT was in August 2010, 3 months after I started Moxxor. For the first time in 8 years, my PFT's were BETTER! My Pulmonologist told me that my numbers were just as good as 3 years ago! This was HUGE! PF is NOT supposed to get better—it stays the same or gets worse.

Moxxor has also helped my Rosacea, an acne-like skin condition that also causes redness of the face. I used to take an antibiotic doxycycline to control it. Now I rarely have to use the doxycycline, my complexion is so much better, and people have noticed that I have less wrinkles and look younger! I also feel more energetic, can breathe better, no longer experience "brain fog", and feel a heightened sense of well-being. I am able to exercise and walk like a "normal" person without feeling overly winded.

I also gave Moxxor to my 12 year old son who has ADHD. I have noticed a more calm disposition since he's been on it. He actually stopped the Moxxor for 2 weeks, but then noticed that he was more "easily frustrated" when he was off it. So I put him back on it. I thank John and Noel Turner for their wonderful product, and I thank God for helping me to discover Moxxor. My goal is to dispute the facts…….that Pulmonary Fibrosis IS REVERSIBLE with Moxxor, and I pray that I will be totally healed of this condition, and that many others can benefit from this product.

... Wanda I, Los Angeles, California


Moxxor's Omega3 really reduces inflammation. Since taking Moxxor, I have no pain in my knee from a skiing injury several years ago. I sleep better, my mental focus is better. Everyday I feel like I just left the beach in Maui...

... Farren O - Riverside, California

After running 6 marathons, a knee injury prevented me from running for 18 months. Three days of taking MOXXOR (4 capsules a day) and I was able to start running again.

... Anthony R - Los Angeles, California